Beef is film written about the story of a man, Jason, who manages fast food restaurant called Beefy's. He loses $10,000 in a bet and attempts to collect the money he owes by planning a robbery at his very own Beefy's. When all goes wrong, Jason does everything in his power to retrieve the money. 

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Jason 1.jpg
Jason 2.jpg

These are costume designs for all the Beefy's employees with a mood board including fast food uniform research.

The managers, Jason and Amanda, are wearing short-sleeve button down shirts while Chad, a regular employee, is wearing the typical Beefy's work uniform.

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This is a costume design for Coop, one of the men who must collect the $10,000 from Jason. He is described in the script as a "gangly white guy" who lives in a trailer home and listens to Eminem.

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Brian Gill.jpg

This is a costume design for Brian Gill, a man who Coop owes money to. He is described in the script as a husband and father who wears plaid golfing pants.